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Hadayati Industrial Group is a manufacturer of industrial, recreational, and custom machinery.

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  • The first producer of automatic cable routing systems in Iran. Holding standard licenses. Highest manufacturing quality in Iran. Professional commitment and a skilled team for project execution.

3D Cinemas

  • More than 10 years of manufacturing experience.
    Over 40 different types of 3D cinemas.
    Holding standard licenses.
    Production of single-seat 7D cinemas in both fixed and mobile varieties.

Saffron Processing Machines

  • The highest quality saffron drying machine and automatic saffron peeler in the year 1401.
    The first manufacturer of high-speed machines (6000 RPM) in the year 1400.
    The first producer of silent and vibration-free saffron drying machine at 3000 RPM in the year 1398.

History of Industrial Machinery Production

  • Establishment of the Knowledge-Based Company "Control Sazan Tous Hadayati." Holder of a patent certificate and the first producer of CNC industrial controllers based on Fanuc. Automation in various industries including agriculture, industrial, and more.
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Hedayati Industrial Group

You are dealing with a family business. More than 40 years of experience in designing and manufacturing all kinds of industrial and entertainment devices is our support.

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Hadayati Industrial Group

A family business

Hadayati Industrial Group is based on a family business model, which is the most stable type of partnership in line with Iranian culture, particularly involving father and sons.

Haj Mohammad Jafar Hadayati (the father) completed his education at the Institute of Technology in Mashhad during the Pahlavi era. Mr. Hadayati, with 45 years of industrial and manufacturing experience, played a significant role in establishing the Mashhad Housing Factory. He demonstrated effective collaboration with Soviet experts, showcasing proficiency in the Russian language, and guided Iranian specialists in the early stages of this major project. The launch of hundreds of industrial machines is highlighted in his professional resume.

Engineer Majid Hadayati, an electronics graduate of Ferdowsi University in Mashhad, possesses approximately 20 years of experience in the production and implementation of industrial machinery.

Amir Hadayati, a computer science student, complements the family of industrious individuals with his ongoing studies, adding youth and energy to the family's industrial expertise.